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About H&H Property Management Consultants

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H&H Property Management Consultants Limited are approaching property agency from a new and dynamic perspective along with the incorporation of new legal frameworks of service provision. 


Appointed agents work directly with clients on every aspect of the day to day management of the asset. Our staff are motivated to provide excellent customer support due to our company structure which rewards their efforts and dedication to their clients. We recognise that property management is not just about the name over our door but each and every manager that works with our customers needs to be reliable, informed and capable. Our company is fully licensed with the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) and all our staff are chartered surveyors and full professional members of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) and of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


H&H Property Management Consultants Limited is designed to act as a pioneering Property Service Provider for a plethora of clients from large commercial organisations to privately owned residential and mixed use developments throughout Ireland.


We are perfectly matched to those that require by their very capital value, an agent that incorporates an ethos of service that reflects the location and quality of the property and its budgetary needs. H&H Property Management Consultants Limited wish to be a selling feature of the development as much as any of its amenities, as we believe an excellent managing agent is fundamental in protecting the future capital values of our clients property by ensuring high standards are met and sustained over time. It is vital that properties are adequately managed so that they remain viable places to live and are desirable investments to purchase and sell both domestically and internationally throughout the life cycle of the property.


The H&H Property Management Consultants Limited business model allows for retention of staff and peace of mind for our clients. Customers are assured of an excellent individual agent who will work with and for them. H&H Property Management Consultants Limited clients have a direct telephone line to their agent. Outside of normal office hours our clients avail of our 24 hour emergency contact number which offers peace of mind that all problems will be dealt with in a timely manner.


H&H Property Management Consultants Limited do not retain directly employed contractors as we will only source the best independent third party contractors from the open market. This business model ensures that our clients know we do not have a vested interest in the awarding of contracts or ongoing works. We believe that we must remain independent of all contractors to ensure that our clients avail of the best quality of service and is consistently scrutinised in their favour. The service packages available are tailored to each client's needs and are reviewed with the customer to meet their requirements. We recognise the diversity in customer needs and cater for our clients accordingly. We see ourselves as a niche company placed in the list of property management companies in Ireland and especially as a leader in the top property management companies in Dublin.


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